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The Wilfred Owen Association

Wilfred Owen (1893-1918) is widely recognised as one of the greatest voices of the First World War.

His self-appointed task was to speak for the men in his care, to show the 'Pity of War'. Owen's enduring and influential poetry is evidence of his bleak realism, his energy and indignation, his compassion and his great technical skill. The Wilfred Owen Association was formed in 1989 to commemorate Wilfred Owen's life and work.

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The Wilfred Owen Association is run by volunteers and funded by its members.

Please show your support by signing up. Annual members receive the Association's Journal (published twice a year).

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The Committee

The Wilfred Owen Association is run by a committee of volunteers. Click below to find out more about our committee.

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Our Newest Patron - Daniel Day Lewis

The Day-Lewis family have been associated with the the Owen family and Wilfred Owen over many years.

Because of this close association the Wilfred Owen Association felt that we would like to ask Sir Daniel Day-Lewis to become our Patron.

The Wilfred Owen Association was delighted and honoured by Sir Daniel’s agreement.

Peter Owen

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Forthcoming Events

JOINT EVENT: Wilfred Owen Association and Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship April 14th 2018

JOINT EVENT: Wilfred Owen Association and Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship!

Click through for details of our annual spring meeting, held alongside the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship.

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"Boots blessed with gold" May 19th 2018

"Boots blessed with gold"!

A celebratory walk organised by the Shrewsbury Ramblers, timed to coincide with the buttercups in the Severnside meadows and recalling Wilfred's Owen's childhood in Shrewsbury. Owen transplanted these same buttercups to the Western Front for 'Spring Offensive'.

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Wilfred Owen and Beyond October 26th 2018 - October 28th 2018

Wilfred Owen and Beyond!

Taking place a hundred years after the death of the most famous poet of the First World War, the conference will provide the opportunity for delegates to explore the lasting impact of Wilfred Owen's work.

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