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If you have any questions about Wilfred Owen* or the Wilfred Owen Association, please email us at woa@1914-18.co.uk 


*A message for students looking for help

We are glad that you are interested in Wilfred Owen. These guidelines are not in order to put you off getting in touch with us – they are to encourage you to do as much as possible for yourself, because that is what education is about. If you are doing a project for school, or preparing for a piece of coursework, it is important for you to have carried out your own research and made your own discoveries.

Before you ask us for help, make sure that you have done all the following things:

  • Read the sections on this website which are entitled 
  • Read as many of the poems as you can, and read the critiques on this website.
  • If you possibly can, find and read Jon Stallworthy’s biography Wilfred Owen. If it is not in your school library, it may be in your local public library, or they may be able to get it for you. If you are a sixth-form or university student, try also to find Dominic Hibberd’s biography (also called Wilfred Owen) and his book Owen the Poet, which gives a very detailed commentary on the poems.
  • When you have done as many of these things as you can, decide exactly what your questions are, and make sure that the answer to them is not somewhere on this website already!
  • Make sure that your question has something to do with the poetry of Wilfred Owen, not just with his life.
  • If, after all this, you still have questions, then send them to this e-mail address, and we will do all we can to help. 
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