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A permanent Wilfred Owen exhibition in Birkenhead

January 24th 2011    Category: General

The Wilfred Owen Story, a permanent commemorative exhibition of Wilfred's life and work, with an emphasis on his time Birkenhead is very proud to announce that they will be based at 34 Argyle Street, Birkenhead.

Operating as a information centre and art gallery the Wilfred Owen Story will be the first designated cultural memorial to the poet anywhere in the North West.

It is situated on all major bus routes in the town, and is minutes from Hamilton Square Station (previously Woodside Central, where Wilfred’s father Tom worked as a station manager). 

Argyle Street is steeped in history: Wilfred learned to swim at the public baths there and No. 34 is in a terrace that received a English Heritage Blue Plaque, the site is grade 2 listed.

Work on the exhibition will begin this week and it will have its official opening on 18 March, Wilfred’s birthday.

The Wilfred Owen Story will feature regular art shows, plus poetry and music workshops and performances, and will encourage the community to find and use their voice to the same effect as the iconic figure that the building aims to honour.


Sponsorship Opportunity

Dean Johnson is seeking sponsorship to fund this project.  Alternatively, if anyone involved in the printing business could assist with I.T skills (website, video production etc.) he'd love to hear from you too. Dean would also love to hear your thoughts or idea's to help move the project forward.  Contact him at:


07944 398 794


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