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Wilfred Owen's Places: Joncourt - Beaurevoir Fonsomme Line

Joncourt Bunker

This photograph is taken from the embankment of the former railway line near what was once Joncourt railway station and depicts "Springbok Valley", along which the 15th Lancashire Fusiliers attacked on the 30th September 1918.

As if the embankment facing the Fusiliers was itself not a formidable defence, the Germans had additionally, constructed a concrete bunker dug into the embankment. The moss-covered roof of this emplacement can be seen in the foreground of the picture. Lacking the expected support from the Australians, the Fusiliers were repulsed and had to be content with "digging in" for the night. In the event the Germans deemed the position untenable and retreated to the other side of Joncourt during the night, where they faced the attack the following day by the 2nd Manchesters - an attack in which Owen distinguished himself, leading to the eventual award to him of the Military Cross.

Joncourt Bunker

This photograph is taken from the "Springbok Valley" and shows part of the formidable defences on the railway line at Joncourt which would have faced the 15th Lancashire Fusiliers as they made their approach on the village prior to their attack on 30th September 1918.

Joncourt Bunker - Detail

Note the holes in the concrete walls made by British artillery fire on that day – clearly ineffective in breaking into the emplacement.

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