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Wilfred Owen's Places: Joncourt Village

The village remembers.

Although the British Army was only in the Joncourt region for a matter of a few days in 1918, the village has paid tribute to Wilfred Owen and the contribution made by his regiment and the Lancashire Fusiliers in liberating the area at a not inconsiderable loss of life.

Joncourt Mairie

The Mairie is depicted in the photograph and in a ceremony involving French officials and Peter Owen - Wilfred Owen’s nephew- a plaque was affixed to the wall in memory of the poet.

Joncourt - Wilfred Owen Plaque

At that time, on one of the outer walls of the building was a clear indication in the renovated brickwork that the Mairie had not escaped damage in 1918. Perhaps sadly for an historian, the new cement rendering has removed this piece of history. Nevertheless, the village decided that the rapidly fading inscription relating to the brief occupation of the building by the U.S.Army in October 1918 should not be forgotten and accordingly the lettering has been restored for the benefit of history.

Joncourt - US Army Lettering
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