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The winner of the WOA and SSF book review competition

November 05th 2017    Category: General

A small but distinguished batch of entries was received for this competition. The judging was done completely anonymously: Meg Crane, who processed the entries, stayed out of the decision-making; and Merryn Williams, Mhairi Pooler Hellbrandt and Lucy Elder had no idea of the identity of any of the authors until the winner had been decided.

There was detailed discussion, and at one point the possibility of splitting the prize money was discussed; but in the end the choice was unanimous - an original, stimulating and provocative review of the book Fierce Imaginings by Rachel Mann. Only after this decision did they learn the identity of the reviewer. He is John Davies, of Gobowen in Shropshire. This, of course, is deep Wilfred Owen country; and John - then Bishop of Shrewsbury - was the first President of the Wilfred Owen Association. Long-standing members of the Fellowship are particularly delighted to have him amongst us again.

We thank all the entrants, and hope very much to publish all the entries in one or other of our two Journals. We hope that all of them will review for us again in the future.

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