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Wilfred Owen's Places: The Sambre-Oise Canal at Ors (Looking South)

The Sambre-Oise Canal at Ors

"C" Company of the 2nd Manchesters Assembly Point.

At 5.50 a.m. on 4th November 1918 this part of the towpath was occupied by "C" Company of the 2nd Manchesters and the people who can be seen in the photograph are standing exactly where the right flank of "C" Company would have been assembled ready for their attack over the canal. Platoons of the 1stBn.Dorsetshire Regt. occupied the ground between "C" Company and the church in Ors which lies beyond the trees on the right of the picture.

The entrance to the lock at Ors can just be seen. Note the ditch on the right hand side of the picture where in winter the depth of the water can reach as much as six feet. The bridging of this channel under heavy artillery fire was one of the tasks allotted to the Royal Engineers.

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