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Bullets and Daffodils

April 14th 2010    Category: General

The Wirral Globe has reported that musician Dean Johnson is currently working on a musical play about Wilfred Owen. 

There is more information on Dean's website


I contacted Dean and he has kindly supplied the following synopsis:

Bullets and Daffodils is a musical play in two acts based on the life of Wilfred Owen.  The first act deals with his life before the war, the second of his life in the war including his death. It explores the relationship with his mother through his letters, poetry  and his life's events. Dialogue is interspersed with songs written and performed by Dean Johnson.

Wilfred tries to convey home to his mother through his letters and through his poetry his feelings on life and the horrors of war at the same time going through the agony of his inner torments.  We explore what he wrote and what we presume he actually meant.

We hope to explore the experience of a mothers feelings and loss through warfare and hopefully bring home a relevant details that all can be related to and still exist today.

We hope the play will appeal to a wide audience and have educational value.

The play has two characters Wilfred and Susan, and a singer, the set is a Victorian parlour/sitting room filled with plants and relevant props that are used throughout the play.

It is Armistice Day 1918, church bells are ringing.

Wilfred appears on stage simultaneously commenting throughout the play but unseen to Susan.  He is in uniform.

The play ends with a knock at the door.

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