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In Memoriam - Wilfred Owen

November 09th 2015    Category: General

The Wilfred Owen Association once again arranged for an In Memoriam announcement to go into The Times newspaper on 4 November, to commemorate Wilfred Owen's death.  Unfortunately, due to a system error, which The Times has taken full responsibility for, it was not published.  The newspaper has apologised and will publish the following notice on Wednesday November 11th, Armistice Day.

OWEN Lieutenant Wilfred MC, Poet, killed when crossing the Sambre-Oise Canal, Ors, France 4th November 1918. 

"But they who love the greater love

Lay down their life, they do not hate."


As well as being Armistice Day, the 11th November is the anniversary of the day on which Wilfred’s mother, Susan Owen, received the news about her son’s death in 1918.

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